I finished reading title TROUBLE, I really felt sad, , ,while reading it, its looks like I'm listening to a senate debate.

      A. M..  Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Reply:  This is a Gem.  Thank you so


Many people who read your teachings will be proud of you. You share and the words of God which people need in this moment, We need to know and believe that Jesus Christ is always there for us to be saved.


You are an amazing man and is entitled to the best that God has for you.

                         J.P. Georgia, USA 

May God bless and guide u always. I appreciate very much what your doing by spreading the words of God. You are enlightening people like me.

      J.A.N. Philippines 

Reply:  Thank you for your kind and encouraging comments.  You may read in native language by clicking on "EN" button at the top of "Home" page.

Thru your posts about God, you are encouraging other people to know more about Jesus.

                K.D.  Philippines 

There may be an AG that will grab this hot potato.

                    A. M.   Texas, USA

This is so amazing words of enlighten

to the truth. You are an anointed son.

Your words are very encouraging.

Thank you for the courage to build this site, and thru this you would spread the gospel of God all over the world, especially  to those who really need Jesus Christ in their lives.

Thank you for sharing your knowledge and spreading the words of God.

God bless you always.

            A.M.A. from the Philippines

Reply:  Thank you so kindly.

I met Mary when she was living in WInchester with Art and I was a caretaker for a elderly neighbor.  She was a talker and told me about her farms, cattle, and she loved Art.  Told me she was going to marry him because he was a good worker and so good to her and very skilled and had done a lot for her.  At the time they had been together for three years and she had purchased the little home in Winchester for Art to have a home in appreciation for all the help he had been to her building, remodeling, and helping her with her rental properties.

She talked about Jim Bob Adams and was very angry because he had got a piece of property that she wanted.  She had choice names, lol, for him.

While in Winchester, Art attended almost every service at the Ark of Mercy of Mercy church and after church on Sundays, if Mary wasn't there, he would go to Versailles and do whatever needed doing for her.

Mary talked about her daughter and said that she did nothing to help her and would go for months without calling or visiting her. She really had no love for her daughter.  After her daughter died, Mary told a lady friend that she did not want to go to her memorial service but Robert Horn forced her to go.  Robert Horn was not related to Mary but was acting as her guardian at the pleasure of Patricia "Trish" Wiley.  At this very time, Patricia Wiley was filing false claims against the State of Kentucky and in about nine months' time filed a total of at least 29 false claims against the state and was eventually fired by the KY Personnel Cabinet.

When Wiley and Horn had Mary confined at Council Oaks facility in Nicholasville, visitors were treated very rudely by the staff as well as was Art.  It was months before it leaked out that Robert Horn was claiming to be Mary's "Son" when in fact he was NOT related to her and Mary told me that the Horns claimed to be related to her but were not.

Since, what has happened, I have talked to individuals in the neighborhood in Versailles and all agree that it is the money and not love for Mary that the Horns and others are after.

This is just a small part of what I know of the abuse of Mary.

                                                         T.H., Kentucky, U.S.A.